»leï« (corporate design)
A corporate design was developed for a fictive company called »leï«. »leï« is intended to be a company dedicated to »slow-traveling« and that understands true luxury not in long-distance journeys but in the peace and quiet of the nearby forests of Rhineland-Palatinate. The project was created as a group work.
»leï« (Imagebroschüre)
Als fester Bestandteil und wichtiges Werbemittel wurde eine Imagebroschüre gestaltet, die alle Gestaltungselemente des Corporate Designs verbindet und die Marke sowie das Unternehmen präsentiert.

»leï« (brochure)
As an integral part and important advertising material, a brochure was created that combines all the design elements of the corporate design and presents the brand and the company.